Sunday, October 25, 2015

Beauty Review: Aritaum Mono Eyes eyeshadow in No.21 Taupe and No. 72 Mature Burgundy

Hey guys!

Long time no summer definitely flew by! My final year of high school has finally started and it has been really busy...Hopefully I will be able to keep up my schoolwork while enjoying my final year of high school!

Anyway, I have been interested in getting eye shadows from Aritaum's Mono Eyes eye shadow line for awhile now! So I bought a creme taupy shadow (No. 21 taupe) and a wine red shadow (No. 72 mature burgundy).

The taupe shadow is a pretty shimmery cream shadow and looks really natural.

The wine red shadow really adds color to the lids and is really fitting for the fall season!

This is basically in regular sunlight! I love how the metallic colors of both shine through and make the colors pop even more! This was about 2 swipes, so nice and opaque!

Onto how they look on the eyes!
This is how I would wear it for an everyday look, not exactly for fancy events.

I really love how the wine red color is pretty subtle, but is still obvious! Since I'm not one for bold colors for eye shadows, this is a great transition to having more colors in my makeup. I could see how this color has become a trend in the Korean makeup industry! It makes my eyes more innocent! ^^
The cream shadow was applied as a base and for some highlighting above the wine red shadow. I applied light eyeliner so it wouldn't be too dramatic.

I wore this for the whole day and there was no creasing or fading, so I would say these eye shadows are really good! I heard if I apply the wine red shadow wet (with water), it'll have even more of a pop, so I will definitely do that sometime soon!

 In the future I will try out more colors in the Mono Eyes line and experiment with blending and making more dramatic makeup looks! As for now, that will be it.

Thanks for reading!


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