Sunday, October 25, 2015

Beauty Review: Aritaum Mono Eyes eyeshadow in No.21 Taupe and No. 72 Mature Burgundy

Hey guys!

Long time no summer definitely flew by! My final year of high school has finally started and it has been really busy...Hopefully I will be able to keep up my schoolwork while enjoying my final year of high school!

Anyway, I have been interested in getting eye shadows from Aritaum's Mono Eyes eye shadow line for awhile now! So I bought a creme taupy shadow (No. 21 taupe) and a wine red shadow (No. 72 mature burgundy).

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cooking: Tous Les Jours Sesame Tapioca Balls

Hey guys!
Alright today I will be baking!! Baking is actually one of my favorite hobbies...especially when the goods turn out well HAHA

Today I will be talking about how to make the Tous Les Jours Sesame Tapioca Balls(깨찰빵) ! 

Let's get started!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[Sponsored] Shein Review: Black Distressed Jeans

Summertime is finally here! Yay!!
Alright so Shein was kind enough to send me an item, so today I will be reviewing their Black Slim Cut Out Jeans.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Etude House Review: Look at My Eyes BR409 & Look at My Eyes Cafe BR407

Heyo heyo!
AP/IB testing finally ended so I have a bit more time to do more blogging! It time to get back onto that blogging grind.

Alright so today I will be talking about two eye shadows I purchased from Etude House!

Here they are in their super super cute packaging!
On the left is the BR407 Cafe and on the right is the BR409.

I really love how Etude House always has really cute and sleek designs for their products. I'm always loving the way they present their things! ^^ Especially these eye shadow cases have cute white detailing and the cursive font is so cute!!

Let's get into the products now!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Adventure to Anaheim Packing District

Hey guys! Just finished a really really yummy dinner (sashimi salad) so my mood is extra happy right now! ^^

Okay so recently I went to the Anaheim Packing District! I was super super duper excited to go since I had seen so many people on Instagram post pictures from there and the place looked so cool and aesthetic~ hahaha

So the Anaheim Packing District is basically a place filled with tons of eateries and cool little goods. They often have live music and all sorts of events! I think its similar to the Chelsea Market in New York! They both have similar cool and hipster vibes. Alright let's get started!!

We knew parking was going to be a problem since this place is always jam-packed so we parked on a nearby street and walked. Yay for walking! Haha the walk wasn't to long so I didn't really mind.

On a side note, look how pretty the sky looked!!
Anyway! So that picture^ is kinda like the side entrance into the place, because if you open that door it will lead you directly into a restaurant.
So the main entrance was really nice and cool, there are stairs that lead upstairs and stairs that lead downstairs. We went to the top level first and when we first walked in, we were automatically hit with a quite busy scene and some pretty decor.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Etude House Review: Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk (JOR 203)

Recently I purchased a few Etude House items when Etude House was having a sale of free shipping with a purchase of $50+. Seeing this, I was extra excited because I didn't really own any Etude House products but always really thought I should try some out.

I purchased 8 items and I'll eventually get around to reviewing all of them! I got the Wonder Pore Freshener 250mL, Dear My Jelly Lips Talk in JOR 203, Sugar Tint Balm #3, Color My Brows in 1 Rich Brown, Look At My Eyes in BR 409, Look At My Eyes Cafe in BR407, Drawing Show Blush Eyeliner in Black, and Dear my Blooming Lips Talk in RD305. Wow that was a long list haha.

Today I will be talking about the Dear My Jelly Lips Talk in JOR 203!
I wanted to go with a more natural looking gloss that still gave me some color, so this lipstick was really fitting. It definitely isn't as opaque or matte as some of Etude House's other lipsticks, and works more like a lip balm.