Sunday, April 26, 2015

Adventure to Anaheim Packing District

Hey guys! Just finished a really really yummy dinner (sashimi salad) so my mood is extra happy right now! ^^

Okay so recently I went to the Anaheim Packing District! I was super super duper excited to go since I had seen so many people on Instagram post pictures from there and the place looked so cool and aesthetic~ hahaha

So the Anaheim Packing District is basically a place filled with tons of eateries and cool little goods. They often have live music and all sorts of events! I think its similar to the Chelsea Market in New York! They both have similar cool and hipster vibes. Alright let's get started!!

We knew parking was going to be a problem since this place is always jam-packed so we parked on a nearby street and walked. Yay for walking! Haha the walk wasn't to long so I didn't really mind.

On a side note, look how pretty the sky looked!!
Anyway! So that picture^ is kinda like the side entrance into the place, because if you open that door it will lead you directly into a restaurant.
So the main entrance was really nice and cool, there are stairs that lead upstairs and stairs that lead downstairs. We went to the top level first and when we first walked in, we were automatically hit with a quite busy scene and some pretty decor.

Super cute designs!!
I really love the hanging plants because they add so much more character and life to the atmosphere.
So my family and I walked around for a few minutes and then decided to go for a crepe first.

The crepe place is called Crepe Coop and was on the downstairs level.
Once again, super pretty design!! (LOL at the Crepechella on the wall.. by the way it was ripe Coachella season! So it made sense)
My sister and I shared the OG Crepe! It contains strawberry, banana, nutella, almonds, vanilla bean gelato, and whip! :) We wanted to share one since there was much more to try and we didn't want our stomachs to be so full already. :P
Here's the crepe!
Definitely super good!! I wish I was eating it right now...

Next stop, back upstairs! While my parents went to get ice cream, my sister and I waited in line for Popbar! Popbar is a place where you can personally customize your own popsicle and choose your own toppings. Super creative!! It seemed like the most popular eatery in the entire place, judging by the suuuuper long line.

While we were waiting in line, my mom brought back a scoop of  Pecan Praline from Hans' Homemade Ice Cream! It was so so good! I really enjoyed the chunks of caramel and praline.
Anyway! Back to waiting in line for Popbar. The selections of flavors of popsicles was amazing!!
So many to choose from.

My sister and I ended up choosing Green Tea Popsicle and had it drenched in dark chocolate with nuts like almonds and peanuts and then on top of all that, a wonderful white chocolate drizzle.
I think I could say this is the most beautiful popsicle I have ever seen !!

After that, we were getting a bit full so before leaving we stopped at Black Sheep for a grilled sandwich!
I honestly didn't know what to expect, since I thought it was just going to be a classic grilled cheese sandwich. However!! Oh my my my. The sandwich we got definitely blew my mind away. So so so so yummy!! My sis and I shared #8 The Pork, and it had new moon jack, porchetta, harissa, garlic aioli, and onion jam. The combination of all the flavors was perfection.
Soooo good!

And that was the end of our packing house adventure! Overall, the foods we tried were all super delicious and rich and tasty. My only complaint would be that they were all pretty pricey? But seriously the food was superb. I would definitely recommend people to come here and try some things out! In the future I will definitely come back and try more things. 

That's it for now!! Thanks for coming along my adventure.


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