Sunday, May 24, 2015

Etude House Review: Look at My Eyes BR409 & Look at My Eyes Cafe BR407

Heyo heyo!
AP/IB testing finally ended so I have a bit more time to do more blogging! It time to get back onto that blogging grind.

Alright so today I will be talking about two eye shadows I purchased from Etude House!

Here they are in their super super cute packaging!
On the left is the BR407 Cafe and on the right is the BR409.

I really love how Etude House always has really cute and sleek designs for their products. I'm always loving the way they present their things! ^^ Especially these eye shadow cases have cute white detailing and the cursive font is so cute!!

Let's get into the products now!
Okay so I believe the Look at my Eyes Cafe series is the matte eye shadows series, while the Look at My Eyes series is the one with the glittery/shimmery tones. 

I wanted to try out a few eye shadows from Etude House since I have heard they are generally nice and pigmented. People have also told me the shadows are really soft and smooth! 

Recently I watched a few Korean natural makeup videos and saw that they often used eye shadow colors that were a little bit darker than their natural skin tone but still gave off a really pretty natural feel. So when I was looking through the shadows from Etude House, I found the Cafe BR407 and thought it looked perfect for me! I also wanted to try out Etude House's glittery/shimmery tones, so I chose a pretty brown shade, the BR409, that I knew could work for a natural, everyday look. 

This is what the shades look like!

So sad about the little dent in the one on the was from when I was having a little bit of trouble opening the case and accidentally jabbed my nail on the shadow.. :( definitely a sad moment. I really love the cute heart pattern on the eye shadow though!!

Here is a swatch^^
So the one on the left is the Look at My Eyes BR409 and the one on the left is the Look at My Eyes Cafe BR407. Really pretty neutral tones!

When I wear these shadows, I usually wear them by together since I really like how the matte shade gives a pretty base for the shimmer shadow. 
Super nice and natural! I love that it is really subtle but still adds shadow to my eye. 

(Haha where am I even looking...also my sad eyelashes that don't curl very well.. ahh...)

Overall, I think I would give the matte shade, the Look at My Eyes Cafe BR407 a 10/10! I love how the texture is so smooth and goes onto my eyelids really well. The staying power is also extremely good! For the  Look at My Eyes BR409, I would give a 8/10. My two complaints would be that the color was not as pigmented as I thought it would be. When I put it on my finger, it comes off beautifully but on my eyelid, it takes much more product in order to see the color really show through to its full potential. Also, sometimes the shimmer can get a little bit messy. But I don't really mind that. ^^ However, this shimmer shadow was also really smooth and have a strong staying power.

In the future, I will definitely try out more matte shadows from Etude House! I have heard of Mono Eyes Eye shadow from Aritaum so I will probably try those out too. Maybe I will find more matte shades or shimmery shades that I really love!! ^^

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  1. Lovely colors indeed! You should try out the Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer the perfect lash one. It holds up the curl of your lashes really well :) And I love the mono eyeshadows. I use them everyday <3

    1. Thanks for the mascara recommendation! ^^ Yay can't wait to try the mono eyes <3

  2. Etude house products are great, love these two colors, they're very pretty and wearable c:


    1. Agreed!! These colors are so pretty ^^

  3. I've read very good comments about the eyeshadows from Etude House and Aritaum. These two colors are cute, I too would like to try the individual eyeshadows, but recently my boyfriend gave me as a present an eyeshadow palette from Etude House. <3
    Thank you very much for your comments on my blog, Jess!♥
    Greetings from México ~

    1. Ooh! I definitely want to try out an eyeshadow palette from etude house ^^ And thanks for commenting!

  4. Same problem with etude. It's not pigmented but still pretty tho

    1. Yeah, the colors are definitely pretty!