Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[Sponsored] Shein Review: Black Distressed Jeans

Summertime is finally here! Yay!!
Alright so Shein was kind enough to send me an item, so today I will be reviewing their Black Slim Cut Out Jeans.

Let's get into it!
Shipping speed was considerably quick, it took about 1-2 weeks to get here. Also, the people who work at Shein are always super kind and make sure your shopping experience is the best it can be! That is definitely a plus.

Front and back view of the jeans!
Originally in the picture of the model who was wearing it, the slits were on her knees. However, the slits went all the way up to around mid-thigh! I added a knee slit myself instead. I read reviews of this product on the Shein website and saw that others had this same problem. That's okay though, I can always just add the slits myself ^^. DIY projects are always fun anyway!

(Definitely will work on better posing! Haha)
These pictures were taken right before the sun disappeared...sorry about the dim lighting. Better pictures in the future!

Okay a rating on the jeans...
I really like how the jeans are a stretchy material, but still sturdy. Quite comfortable! ^^ I just wish the slits were in the right place. Haha!

Make sure you guys go check out more products at Shein! They have great sales year round and always have good customer service!

That's it! A quick review.  Woo!


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