Saturday, April 11, 2015

Etude House Review: Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk (JOR 203)

Recently I purchased a few Etude House items when Etude House was having a sale of free shipping with a purchase of $50+. Seeing this, I was extra excited because I didn't really own any Etude House products but always really thought I should try some out.

I purchased 8 items and I'll eventually get around to reviewing all of them! I got the Wonder Pore Freshener 250mL, Dear My Jelly Lips Talk in JOR 203, Sugar Tint Balm #3, Color My Brows in 1 Rich Brown, Look At My Eyes in BR 409, Look At My Eyes Cafe in BR407, Drawing Show Blush Eyeliner in Black, and Dear my Blooming Lips Talk in RD305. Wow that was a long list haha.

Today I will be talking about the Dear My Jelly Lips Talk in JOR 203!
I wanted to go with a more natural looking gloss that still gave me some color, so this lipstick was really fitting. It definitely isn't as opaque or matte as some of Etude House's other lipsticks, and works more like a lip balm.

I've seen in many pictures and videos that in the Asian countries especially, the orange type of lip color was in trend. I really wanted to try that out, but only wanted to try a hint of orange tint to my lips. So the JOR 203 shade seemed really fitting, since it still had some pink/red tint to it while still incorporating a hint of orange.

Etude House always has really cute packaging, and this one was definitely not an exception!
I really love how colorful and cute the packaging is! The lipstick tube itself is really pretty as well. The white is a nice pearly white and I love the red/orange ring around it.

On the lipstick itself, there is also a really pretty imprint(?) on it. This accent really adds to how pretty and cute the product is! ^.^

Also, I must mention that this product smells super nice and yummy. It's fruity and sweet, but not too overbearing. Brings a warm springy feel~~

Here is a swatch of it on my arm (about 2 coats)

 Looks really glossy and not very opaque. As you can see, looks glossy like a lip balm but still has color that is not too faint.

Here I am only wearing a sheer lip balm

 This is with the JOR203 applied. I think it is pretty obvious it add more gloss and shows a more orange/red tone!
Just like the name of the product, it does give an impression of jelly~!

Usually I like to wear this with a few coats on my lips and seems to retain a good amount of color. I'm not too big on a bold lip most of the time, so just a few coats is perfect!

Overall, I really really like this lip product! It fulfilled what the description said on the website, which said it is "A lipstick making clear color and moisturizing lips to make lips look pure and glossy like jelly-coated".

Pros: Cutest packaging, really yummy scent, nice gloss finish, perfect amount of color that is easy to control, and easy to layer!

Cons: Lasting power is pretty weak, so reapplication every few hours is needed.

In the future, I definitely see myself repurchasing this! Maybe try other colors ^.^

That's it for now! I will continue to make reviews of the other products I bought, so stay tuned I guess? ^.^



  1. Thank you for the review, Jess! I also want to try more colors of this line, but I'm super-indecisive. First I wanted to have this color, but then change my mind for the JPK002 and then for the JKP001. >____<
    The colors are so pretty as well as the packaging, I wish I could have them all. </3

    1. I know I know!! I went through that same struggle when I was picking a color to try >< I can't wait to get more colors in the future <3