Sunday, July 12, 2015

Beauty Review: Holika Holika Petit Clearing BB Cream

Hello everyone!
Today I will be doing a beauty review with Holika Holika's Petit Clearing BB Cream!

I bought this BB Cream at beautynetkorea, an online Korean cosmetic store I highly recommend looking through if you're interested in purchasing Korean makeup products. They have free shipping and the price is always pretty decent! I almost always buy my Korean products from that site ^^

Anyway! The packaging has changed... I guess since it's been some time since I bought this product. There are 6 different types of BB Creams in the Petit Series. The one I purchased was the Clearing BB Cream, and it claims to keep oily skin well balanced and clear, giving a sleek and refreshing finish.

I don't really like how the nozzle part gets a little messy over time, but I guess it doesn't bother me that much. However, I feel like pumps would be better or the BB cushions, which I am dying to try. 

Since I have pretty tan skin due to lots of tennis and outdoors things, it is always hard to find a BB Cream that suits my skin color relatively well. 

As you can see, the BB Cream is slightly lighter than my skin. However, by slowly layering it on my face, the BB Cream blends better with my skin tone. 

Also as a side-note, I really like the way this BB Cream smells! It has a nice floral and candy scent that isn't too overpowering.

So to apply this to my face, I like to use a brush. I don't know, but something about using a brush makes me feel more professional..^^ Anyway. I make the brush a little bit wet and apply the BB Cream.

Hahahaha I always laugh when I see this picture funny. Oh my my face is so shiny ..
So hopefully you can see the difference? It was hard to get similar lighting for both pics. But yeah, my skin looks brighter, paler, and softer after application! I always top it off with some translucent powder, just to keep the matte finish and make the BB Cream stay longer. 
This is probably not a really helpful picture, but I guess it shows that my skin looks much smoother I think! 

Ah here is a better representation of my skin tone after the BB Cream.
(I liked my makeup that day, so maybe I will do a makeup tutorial someday!)

Anyway, that's it! I have pretty oily skin, but this BB Cream is pretty good at controlling it! ^^ Also, I like how this BB Cream gives me a more pale and bright look to my face. I would recommend this BB Cream to anyone, especially beginners. There is a variety of types of BB Cream in the Petit BB Series to try! 

See you all later!


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